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In my 23 years on this planet, I have come across a lot of bad people. People who betray, people who lie, people who steal. People who abuse others because they're horrible people....Or at least, have the ability to commit such horrible acts. 

I am still naive enough...innocent enough, to believe that there are good people out there. People who are selfless, people who want to help and who will do things simply because they're kind. And there are...just not in this post. 

As a self professed bargain hunter, I tend to come across more mean people than nice. I am always thrilled when really expensive make-up goes up on eBay because I can't afford the retail price. I save up for months and months but in the end, I can never justify spending almost hundreds on make-up when I have bills and a family to look after. I feel guilty almost when I spend that money on something that I know could contribute to bills or food for the next month. Of course, as I have worked hard my entire life and continue to work hard, I do like to splurge every now and then. I love to chase a bargain because I truly believed that it was a better deal. Not always...

Recently, I posted this Lime Crime review and I was already dubious because of the brand. I thought that they were going up on eBay because of the drama and many people won't associate with the brand so sell it off cheaply. Now, this is true but..a few weeks after I posted that, I came across this video posted by one of my fav vloggers. Basically, what she says in the video and when I researched fakeup or, fake makeup, myself, it shows that people use other people's naivety to make a profit. 

Upon research, I came across a plethora of horror stories and facts behind the fakeup industry. They are skilled and talented con people  who mimic the real brands and load them with lethal toxins which people like me then buy.

There are hundreds of thousands of fakeup horror stories out there.

I will post my research links so you can read in full detail what the crack is, but what I found was that bogus MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay (plus many more) had been tested to reveal that they contained lead, mercury and cyanide in them, to name a few. 

Criminal Gangs have large laboratories underground making and distributing large quantities of fake cosmetics before selling them dirt cheap on popular sites such as eBay and Amazon. 

All of the above images sourced from this article.

Police issued warnings that substances such as rat poo, arsenic, cyanide and even human urine had been found in fake perfume and counterfeit cosmetics. Yummy. Imagine that next time you're getting ready for a night out. 

Criminals are also using fake names on Social Media as an online black market to sell these products undetected. And unless caught in the act of distributing the product by the police, the criminals usually get away with it because of damn good mimicking of the real product and the trust of their clients.

"Cosmetic scientist Colin Sanders thinks it is unlikely for arsenic to turn up in your cosmetics. “It would cost money to put it in,” he points out. Rat droppings are more of a possibility, although they are “not particularly harmful in small quantities,” says Sanders – so at least that’s reassuring.

Bargain-hungry shoppers may, however, fall foul of counterfeiters using the wrong amounts of normal ingredients, especially preservatives, which could trigger an allergic reaction in the unsuspecting. “Once you’ve developed an allergy to something you get it for a considerable period of time, possibly even life,” says Sanders. This means that even using the genuine product could prompt such reactions at a later date.

So how can you tell if your makeup is fake? The packaging is probably going to be a pretty good rip-off of the real thing in order to fool bargain hunters, Terry points out. The biggest tip, as ever, is to apply a bit of common sense: where are you buying your makeup from? Does the price seem feasible? “If it’s ridiculously cheap,” says Terry, “it’s either going to be counterfeit or stolen.” "

Mashable outed China and more eastern countries as those mainly (but not solely) responsible for the uprise in fakeup production.

"BEIJING — China is the world capital of fakes. Here you can get counterfeit handbags, watches and electronics that look identical to the real goods. You can visit an amusement park with over 130 replicas of other countries’ landmarks, and shop on streets lined with stores like “Cnanel” and “Tifeany” and “Starbocks”.

There are many budget-conscious fashionistas in China and abroad who are proud to swing convincing Guccis and Pradas from their shoulders, but when it comes to makeup, perfume and skincare products, fakes pose a very real danger."

They went on to say:

"Mercury, lead, arsenic, cyanide and even human urine and rat droppings are often found in counterfeit cosmetics made in China. The level of toxins in some of these products have led to severe allergic reactions including skin rashes and burns, disfigurement and long-term health problems such as high blood pressure and infertility.

While replicas of products from popular brands like MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay have long been piled high at night market tables across Asia, foreign governments have recently raised the alarm that fake beauty products made in China are being sold to online shoppers around the world."

"At least £90 million is spent every year on fake items as the rapid growth of online shopping has expanded the market.

Counterfeit beauty products have become increasingly common and are readily available on auction sites, online forums and social media.

Authenticating products has become more challenging as shoppers are unable to physically inspect items before committing to purchase them.

Police warned that criminals are using generic stock images to deceive consumers into believing the items they are browsing are authentic."


As well as the damage to our health from loading up on this poisonous shit, we are also exposing our financial and other forms of identity as well as home addresses to these people which could lead to even bigger issues such as identity theft. Imagine the pain that the Lime Crime customers went through when that drama unfolded and experiencing the same from a counterfeit version.

So, before purchasing your next deal on make-up, do your research about how to protect yourself whilst shopping online and how to spot fake makeup and other beauty products. 

Lesson learned and massive thank you to Emily Boo for teaching me a lesson before some petty criminal did!

Have you ever experienced a fakeup horror story? Share your thoughts on this post and fakeup in the comments below or find me on social media! 

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