Get Ready With Me! Birthday Bash!

I am obsessed with Get Ready With Me Videos. You know those people who like to watch blackheads being squeezed and spots being popped and they get that sense of calm? No? Well, anyway, I get that feeling, that sense of calm, from watching Get Ready With Me videos on YouTube. Plus, I love learning new techniques for make-up and seeing what make-up and make-up implements are like before I purchase them for myself.

Although I'm no Kandee Johnson, and I'm not a Vlogger, I thought I would portray what me getting ready for a night out looks like through use of word and still photos. If you follow me on Twitter...then you've already had a glimpse of this impending disaster.

Here is a rough timeline of me getting ready. If you try and imagine it, it's even funnier.



11am - Do house chores and forget that I completely avoided doing washing ALL WEEK.

12pm - Finally get round to putting in said washing.

12.30pm - Message off birthday girl. We're meeting at 6pm. I have 6 whole hours to get my life together. Plenty of time...

2.00pm - After half arsed house chores, go for a well deserved nap.

2.30pm - My clothes are still being washed and I don't know what I'm wearing yet.

3.00pm - I still haven't napped. I've considered multiple outfit choices and I'm just not feeling any of them.

3.05pm - I'm really hungry. But we're going to an all-you-can-eat restaurant in less than 3 hours.

3.18pm - Rummage around the kitchen for signs of anything edible. We should really go grocery shopping more than once a week.

3.24pm -Come back with 4 squares of chocolate and a glass of wine. Check on washing.

3.40pm -  Put in 3rd load of washing and 2nd load of washing into the dryer. I think I have chosen an outfit.

3.41pm - Shower. Look in mirror and realise that I haven't had my eyebrows tamed for months. I look like Chewbacca's uglier sister.

Proceed to faf with eyebrow strips THAT DO NOT WORK.

I'm using a razor. Wish me luck.

4.05pm - Spent my entire shower treating my neighbours to my rendition of Girl's Aloud - Love Machine, Jonas Brothers, Busted, McFly and the Punk Goes Pop version of Omi - Cheerleader.

4.07pm - Fuck. I'm so hungry.

4.10pm - Still wrapped in a towel. I am apparently scrolling social media now.

4.12pm - Drink wine.

4.15pm - Seek out more wine.

4.20pm - Dress I've chosen is still in the dryer...Onto make-up.

Regret leaving make-up in this state.

Remember half of make-up is in my bag.

Oh God, I've ran out of hairspray.


Here I'll put some photos of the products I used to make my face up. This isn't all of it, just some of the stuff that I love and highly recommend!

I have oily skin and I'm not supposed to use and abuse highlighter BUT I STILL DO. It's an addiction and I wear thick framed glasses so you can't see my make-up anyway. Thanks to my brother, Graeme, for repeatedly shouting that out :')

Bourjois Paris Illuminatrice - powder highlighter

MUA Luxe Highlighter Shimmer Stick

MUA Luxe Bronze and Sculpt Contour Kit 

Collection Loose Powder

Collection Eyebrow Kit

Rimmel London - Exaggerate Eyeliner

Avon Colortrend - Boost It! Volumising Mascara 

W7 Cosmetics - Neon Nights Electric Eye Pallette

Pigmented. So pigmented.

Rimmel London - Provocalips Liquid Lipstick

My all time favourite liquid lipstick. I reviewed it here.

Back to the timeline...

4.30pm - Have only pair of glasses break. I'm short sighted. 

We have no super glue and my nail glue is dried out.


Fiddle with half dried out nail glue and somehow consume some of it.

Temporarily fixed! If I don't move my head or touch my glasses...

5.00pm - Half way through make-up. Haven't touched hair and my dress is STILL IN THE DRYER.

I regret not napping now.

5.16pm - Make-up is done!

5.17pm - My dress is dry! And my flat is hotter than hell itself making my make-up melt off.

5.22pm - My hair is so thick. And I need a hair cut. What do I do with all this hair??

5.41pm - Rock my usual up do because I can't do anything with my hair.

5.42pm - Remember I'm blogging this experience and I am not photogenic in the slightest. I also have terrible lighting in the flat, there is no natural light because it's dark/raining and I am taking photos on an outdated phone.

Prepare for selfie overload.

5.53pm - Stop faffing and leave.

6.05pm - Arrive and head straight to the buffet. After weeks of eating healthily, this was a God Send.


Do you have a Get Ready With Me post? Do you have more luck? Comment/ link below or find me on social media! 

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