Healthy Pizza Recipe

Okay, so I looooove pizza but it's not really recommended as part of a healthy and nutritious diet. 

Wellllll, where there's a Gillie and her insane cravings...there's a way. 

After a quick Google search, I came across this recipe and after I tweaked it to my liking, I present to you... the healthy pizza recipe.


You will need

200g Strong White Bread Flour (I couldn't find Strong White or Strong Wholeweat and already owned this...worked a treat though!)

1 teaspoon or 7 gram sachet of easy-blend yeast.

125ml of warm water.

A can of chopped tomatoes.

For the topping, I suggest any lean meat, fish and veg.

I chose tuna, sweetcorn and a sprinkling of light cheese before garnishing it with pea shoots and baby leaves.


Mix the flour and yeast with your water in a blender with a dough blade or in a bowl like I did.

Remove the soft dough ball and work with your hands for around a minute. 

Roll out on a lightly floured surface. The thicker you leave it, the longer it will take to cook. It is suggested to roll it quite thinly and around 30cm across.

Leave it to rise for around 20 minutes.

If you have "wet" toppings like I do then I recommend cooking the base for a few minutes by itself to stop the base from going soggy or changing in texture. 

To prevent the base sticking to a tray, I recommend lightly buttering or oiling some tin foil and placing it over the top.

Place all of the toppings on and cook for between 12 - 20 minutes (I like my pizza quite well cooked, the longer you leave it, the more cooked it will be...duh!) or until the edges are golden and crispy. 

Garnish and Serve! 

Do you have any healthy alternative recipes? Have you tried one of mine? Comment or leave your links below/find me on social media! 

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