How Well Do We Know Each Other? - Friendship Quiz

I've hit that point in my adult life where I procrastinate instead of paying bills and whilst everyone is out meeting the love of their life, getting engaged and breeding...I'm sat in a corner somewhere taking a Buzzfeed quiz about which pizza topping I most relate to...

Now, I don't want to stop taking lame quizzes but it is kind of sad to do alone (the amount I actually do is, anyway) and so I drag my friends down with me.

I'm sure they appreciate that.

A few weeks ago, I searched for some friendship quizzes, I slightly altered them to make them more suited to us and then harassed Connor to take part with me.

The point in the below quiz is to find out how well we know each other. I've known Connor on and off for nearly 2 years (explained in the quiz), but how well do I actually know Connor? And how well does he know me? I answered the questions as did he and then we compared our answers.

Find out how we did below :')

I highlighted my answers in pink and Connor's in blue :) Additional comments are in black.


1. When and how did we first meet?

I was on a night out with friends and you were on a team night out with Jamie. I went to see Jamie and boom, our friendship formed.

We met on a team night out, you were also out and Jamie introduced us. You mentioned your website or something regarding horoscopes.

Astronomy, but close! I worked for an Astronomy magazine when I was at Uni :)

2. What is my favourite colour?

I like different colours depending on my mood but we'll go with pink/red...I think. Black? Black isn't a colour it?

My favourite colour is probably Red but it's really tough... Yours is most likely pink

I already suck at this...

3. If I could go any place on Earth, where would it be?

I would go to Hawaii.

OMG, I do know yours because we've had this conversation SOOO many times. Germany? Switzerland? I know you were learning the language!

I would probably go to either Germany or Northern Italy... You would choose somewhere like Spain or America? 

Yes! I knew it! You were close enough ;)

4. Favourite food?


Yours... erm ... fuck ... something home cooked? You cook a lot of food.

Favourite food I would say is... Probably a really good Indian curry... I think you're pizza most likely

5. Biggest fear?

Holes. Like...Holes. Google trypophobia....BLERGH

Water for you? I always make cool plans but you really don't like water :')

My biggest fear is either water or spiders... I would say yours is being alone in the flat

Being alone in the flat is pretty on par with holes. I FEAR BEING MURDERED, OKAY?! :)

6. If I was stuck on a desert island, what three things could I not live without?

Mine: Hair bobble...there's just so much of it! Do I have to include my glasses or can I just keep them? Vape and if the glasses don't count theeeeeen... something to keep me entertained... erm ... notebook (the pen would have to come included though).

I have no idea. 

Is it silly to say food air and water... I would literally die... Music on its own would get me through... It's difficult to think of another 2... For you I would say your phone for social media... The sims... And your blog.

My Sim DID just have an alien baby...

7. What is my dream job?

Writer. In any form bar newspaper. 

That one with the film and scripts. 

My dream job is tough... It keeps changing... Right now maybe I would say TEFL teacher... For you it would be journalist/blogger

8. Any phobias?

I have a whole blog post on it. Click here. This has since expanded since moving out to being alone in the flat and casually being murdered...

Yours? Water. Darkness. People?

Yes many phobias... Water, spiders and that cherophobia we talked about. For you it's being alone in the flat of course... Spiders... Maybe something else.

9. Any nicknames?

Gillie :) Gill which I fucking hate. My Mum calls me Gilliana Banana which I do not want to catch on.

Con Con. Condiment. I know you have a bunch from Uni and Condom which I really wish you loved :') Anything beginning with Con has probably been your nickname at some point.

Condom, Conman, Condorian, Con... Not sure what else... I honestly don't know if you have any... Gillie Mall?

10. Do I waste money or save it? 

I waste it. I don't mean to. I justify in my head that I need that new dress, I need that hair dye and I need 6 shades of the same lipstick. I do save money too though. 

You saveeeeeeee.

I'm a saver you're a waster... Simples 😃 

11. Do I sing in the shower?

I do and my neighbours love it. I'M JUST A LOVE MACHIIIIIIIIINE.

I secretly want to believe that you do but I reckon you're like a Sim when you click "Take a brooding shower" in Sims 3. You're a very serious guy ;)

Everyone sings in the shower...

I fucking knew it! I love this more than appropriate.

12. Am I allergic to anything?

Cranberries make me sick and I thought I was lactose intolerant once. I have allergies and sinus problems but I don't think there's much else.

You mentioned 'some dogs.' I'm sure there's more :')

I am allergic to animals but there is no pattern that I know of... Also peanuts give me projectile napalm from... You don't need me to explain... You are sometimes iffy with pets too but nothing else I know of.

Yeah, I think they're fur can play with my sinuses. I just live without the ability to breathe.

13. How would we spend the day together?

In the pub or shopping around town. We never did buy that plant...

Jeremy Kyle... shopping... Food... Drink... Movie... Spooning... Probably... If you had your way...

OMG, yours sounds like a day we should totally have!

14. Would I believe a rumour told by someone that you had been talking about me behind my back?

I personally wouldn't because you are very blunt (that's not a bad thing.)

I hope you wouldn't. I tell you everything.

If it was Dannii probably... Other than that probably not xD 

15. Do I want marriage and babies?

Right now I don't. I mean, I love being a relationship and I love the idea of a marriage but I don't really believe that people who get married stay married. It's too easy to quit and I don't have the best record with my taste in men. It's probably best for my finances and mental health if I don't get married :')

I don't want kids. I like them when I can give them back but Sim babies is enough. 

OOOOOOO, I do want a gigantic dress, a party, a cake and all eyes on me though...can I have a wedding party? But not get married?

I believe you do. I know you'd love to be a Dad one day :) 

I'm not sure if I want marriage... Babies of course... Both of those things make you want to vomit... 

The vomit part is true...can I still have the day though? Right?

16. What's my birthday? - without checking social media

January or February? I remember it being near new year because I held onto your present for ages and it was soon after the Christmas present...

Or June 31st. Which I didn't question for days. Bellend.

Mine is 11th of January 1991 and I am a Capricorn... Yours is 27th of April 1993 and you are a sassy Taurus 

Dammit. I was practically right though!

17. Favourite TV show?

Versailles. I will get married and have babies tomorrow if it could be with George Blagden. 

I am also a sucker for guys with long hair.

I don't have a clue about yours. I know you watch a lot of sport but that doesn't really count...

My favourite TV Show of all time is probably Smallville I think... Yours is whatever you are currently watching because it's automatically the best thing ever... But I would go with something like gossip girl or one tree hill... I'm unsure?

You are totes right. Whatever is the latest obsession is my new fav and in Gillie's unreal. Seriously, watch Versailles already! You like history!

18. Embarassing secret? You don't have to reveal it but do you know any?

Yes. I know a few and I'm laughing at them right now.

I am not writing them on this blog because I know people from my actual real life that know both me and Connor who read this...let's just go with yes :')

19. How much money is in my bank account?

More than there has been in months.

I know you save a lot and are good with money. 

I am not telling you how much money is in my bank account hahaha.. I have savings though... I would say you depend on the time of the month as you are close to being out of the student overdraft.

20. Can I handle my booze?


I've never seen you drunk but maybe I was too drunk to notice you being drunk?

I can handle my booze really well... You usually handle it with both hands and pretty poorly if I'm honest.... 😃 

Nailed it.

21. Favourite alcohol drink?

Fosters. The hangover is so not worth it though. Oh no wait! Vodka! Again, the hangover is so not worth it though.

Ales and Baileys. You have a taste for the finer things in life.

Mine is Rekorderlig because it's amazing and reminds me of good times but baileys and Long Island iced tea are also fantastic... You are jaeger bombs or anything vodka laced.

Saaaaake. I knew the Long Island Iced Tea one because I was trying to force you out one time by promising you loads of them!

22. Favourite coffee?

Any. Inject it to I stop burning my fingers and tongue at work.

Is it latte you get? Coffee with syrup.

I am a caramel latte guy... You are a vanilla latte girl?

23. How to make them feel better in a situation?

Generally exist around me. Or tell me what I want to hear. Depends how dire the situation is.

I try not to leave you alone but you're a hard shell to crack.

I think it's tough to make me feel better in a situation... I know that I'm a hard ass... As for you... Listening to what you have to say and being there.

24. It's Friday night, what are we most likely doing?

Inboxing on Facebook about how we should go out more. 

Complaining about how our crippling anxiety has caused us to overthink much of this week?

Meh. We do both and still don't change our lifestyles :')


That's it! I don't think we did all that bad to be honest!

Special thanks to Connor to taking part in my experiment and do you know how long it took me to find a photo of us both in which you are smiling?!

We look cute though.

Do you have any friendship quiz successes or failures? Or any quizzes generally because I'm an addict. Comment/link me below or find me on social media! 

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