Sunday Adventures - Doing the Bucketlist!

It was just yesterday that I posted my collaboration with Eventbrite about Going Out More Often. Well, today I made it happen!

In the bucket list, I posted the following:

"4. Climb a hill/mountain

It will most likely be a hill because I am that unfit. When I was a kid, I used to climb Roseberry Topping all the time with my family and I'm not sure exactly why we stopped. Jamie and I have plans to climb it in the very near future though!"

Well, today Jamie and I scrambled our way to the top!

It's a lot busier than I remember as a kid. When I used to go, there was barely any people around for many miles but today was the day of a Sponsored Walk which had ended just a few hours before we showed up (courtesy of me not wanting to get out of bed this morning) and so a lot of people had taken interest in Roseberry Topping in general.

I feel that I could have done the walk a lot better than I did. I kept having to stop because last night I had a meal for my Brother's girlfriend's birthday and so a fair bit of alcohol was involved (I'm blogging about that tomorrow), I didn't start the day with enough rehydration either so that took it's toll on my body and that amount of people around gave me a level of anxiety which made me tense up more than usual.

It was also difficult because Jamie is a lot fitter than I am. He could have gotten to the top of the hill by the time I finished the first 3rd but the little cutie held back and we completed it together.

Enough of the chit chat. Here are some of the photos we got!

The one above is my favourite photo. I could get lost in the woods all day to be honest.

We could see the sea! It made me really want to go to the beach after.

We made it to the top! And I didn't die!

We had a little picnic at the top and then an ice pop in the car because we were so hot after the walk. Overall, I have had the best little weekend of adventures and I plan to continue crossing off my mini bucket list.

What is on your bucket list? Comment below or find me on social media! 

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