What Do I Snack On? A Healthier Alternative

I love food.

I adore food.

I have been leading a healthier lifestyle (on and off forever) for over a month now. I feel a lot better, my bank account likes me more because I'm not incessantly buying shit and my body likes me better for treating it like a temple...excluding this weekend.

The past weekend was a mate date with Jamie and a celebration of Dannii's birthday. I loaded up on those calories like they were going out of fashion and then indulged in a two day cocktail bender. Bender is not the right word to use but it seemed fitting. Because of all of the food consumed, I barely got tipsy, never mind drunk!

Friday night looked like this...

And Saturday looked like this...

So much bubblegum realness...I talked about Huckleberry's here which, by the way, is a Man V Food based restaurant and I was legit sweating from the amount of calories I consumed. I'm lush, I know...

The cherry drop cocktail actually is lush. Although, the price is not at almost 30 quid for this round.

Anyway, Sunday I was kind of good getting back into the healthy foods but then Monday came around  and I consumed two red bulls in the space of an hour.

Now that I have had a super treat weekend/Monday morning...I am back to it with the healthy food regime. Today was grocery shopping day and I usually post some recipes that I'm trying out but I've never covered the topic of snacks. I have found some 'healthier' alternative snacks that keep my cravings at bay and prevent my waist band expanding even further.

So, here is what I typically snack on and include in my lunches for work. 

In no particular order...

1. Bananas

I like the smaller ones as I'm not overly keen on fruit. I force myself to eat it as it does improve my moods and fills my tummy up until meal times. Also, it fills me without that horrible 'junk food' groggy feeling, if you know what I mean.

2. Popcorn

I was astounded that popcorn could be good for you. My all time favourite popcorn is Propercorn and Metcalfe Skinny Popcorn. There are so many flavours and varieties and some are quite unusual. I haven't found a flavour that I don't like yet and they are a light snack which is perfect for cinema trips, picnics or at my desk at work. You can also buy the super sized packets in supermarkets but I tend to buy these individual ones. Each bag is less than 200 calories too!

3. Rice cakes

I used to hate rice cakes with a passion. They are bland and taste like what I imagine cardboard tastes like. 

I first tried Metcalfe's Skinny Rice Cakes which were covered in chocolate and yogurt and they were bang on with getting rid of the cravings. They taste just like candy and are again light and perfect for on the go snacking. They can get a little messy though. I then came across another version of Metcalfe's because I shop at Lidl and Aldi which have alternative EVERYTHING. Still on par, matching in calories, price and flavour though.

4. Nak'd bars

I have a love/hate relationship with these. Sometimes I really crave one, I savour and enjoy it and sometimes I can't go near one because I think it's revolting. Nak'd bars are 100% fruits and nuts, sometimes with a lil extra depending on which flavour you get but they are all dairy and gluten free with high fibre content.

5. Delight Bites

One of the many cheap alternatives of Sun Bites. I am a carb lover. If we have a buffet at work, we split it over two sides. The savoury and the sweet. You will always find me hidden behind a locker, consuming 5 cheese and onion rolls followed by whatever mini version of carbs is available. I adore carbs. I found that these satisfy my cravings for carbs, calories and crisps. Also, available in many flavours.

6. Flapjack

Sometimes, I don't want a light snack. I want something quite stodgy that will give me that fuller, more satisfied feeling without overindulging. Flapjack is the king of this.

Although more calorific than the other snacks I have mentioned, it's still not too bad. I buy mini oaty flapjacks that are usually quite plain. A fair amount of calories for one bar but it's okay if you only consume in moderation.

For that niggling sweet tooth...

I'm not always savoury obsessed. Sometimes, there's nothing more I want than a pint of ice-cream or a massive bar of chocolate. 

When this happens, I sort of give in. As this is labelled a 'healthier' alternative, I must tell you that it does, in fact, include chocolate. 

7. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is said to be better than you because of a whole load of reasons explained here. I bought the below bar because it was less than a pound and I don't really eat all that much chocolate to buy a more expensive brand. You can get super high quality chocolate that's even better for you if you shop around.

8. Yogurt

There are so many yogurt's available out there that are actually good for you. Some for your internal organs (they obviously make it sound better than I do), some that are good for your cholesterol, some low in fat and some that are free from dairy, gluten and every other thing. I prefer yogurt's that you can drink because I find it better than having to pack and carry a spoon every where (I now have a collection of spoons in my locker at work, clean of course...I think) and it's so much handier than having to sit and spoon feed yourself when you can quickly drink and dispose of it.

I was originally drinking some low fat ones but lately actually got really into these cholesterol ones.

Also low in calories which is kind of what I expected they should be. The sugar content isn't great but as I said, I drink these when I'm craving something sweet so...it could be a lot worse.

To wash it all down...

I try and drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Sometimes I struggle with that because I'm addicted to caffeine...usually in the form of coffee. I did go through a massive green and matcha tea phase but drank it until I was physically sick of it.

Now, as well as your bog standard water (and I still do indulge in energy drinks, totally not drinking one right now whilst writing this post...) I like to drink flavoured water. It mixes it up a little and can act as a mixer at parties so you can even make your night outs all that bit healthier. 

They contain barely anything per serving and are packed full of flavour. I choose a new flavour every week or two as to not get sick of them.


That's about it for my 'healthier' snacks post. 

Do you eat healthy snacks? Comment or link me them below so I can try them out! 

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