Testing and Reviewing Aloe Products

Jamie's little sister...I say little when, in fact, she's a fully grown adult...

Jamie's younger sister, Sarah, kindly asked me to test out and review/give her feedback on some Aloe products from the Forever Living range. Of course I said yes because that is my jam. I spend all of my spare time doing 1 of 4 things. 1) Blogging. 2) Messing around and then blogging about it. 3) Playing Sims, and 4) Watching weird stuff on YouTube. (Y'all should totally check out Rob Dyke by the way. I've been having nightmares for weeks.)

Anyway, she gave me this cute little basket full of goodies to try out and so, nursing a hangover, I needed some pampering and reached for this. 

I would use the basket in every day life, for everything, just saying.

1. The Heat Lotion

The first thing I noticed was the overwhelming smell. Apply liberally should not be a thing because holy mother effing balls does this stuff work! If you have muscle ache, or sore bones etc, an actual ailment that is causing you pain or discomfort then buy this because this penetrates the skin immediately. 

Skin is left smoother and feeling like you were on fire temporarily before you rolled around in something menthol. Kind of like Deep Heat on Steroids. I would definitely buy this and use it medicinally. I instantly recommended it to Jamie because he uses Deep Heat Rub all the time for leg injuries but I don't think it's working quite as well as this stuff could for him. 

Definitely what it says on the tin. If you apply too much, shower/wash the excess off. The product still remains on your skin so definitely a long lasting product. I recommend 5p piece dollops as opposed to my handful of cream slathered everywhere for testing purposes. If you mind the smell, which I kind of did, then apply this at night because it is very powerful. If you don't care then crack on. After about 10 minutes, heating/menthol sensation subsided and my body felt more refreshed. It also leaves a stench in whatever room you apply it in so open the windows.

2. Eye Make-Up Remover 

So this was labelled eye makeup remover but I don't things by halves, mainly because I'm lazy. I applied this full face of makeup. Went out, had a good old time and then came time to remove my makeup.

I usually use makeup wipes so didn't have any cotton balls on hand. I instead used a tea towel but don't laugh...because it workedddddd.

Below are the products that I used to make my face up. This involved waterproof and provocalips which could survive a nuclear bomb, quite frankly. I applied the size of a 50 pence piece, not liberally as every package states, and then proceeded to remove my entire face.

I really like this product. It removed the makeup quickly and even when I got it in my eye (because I'm a moron) it didn't outrageously sting or cause me harm. I simply wiped it with a damp cloth and my eye was fine.

I then tackled the indestructible lips and was so surprised that it worked! No makeup remover has successfully removed this from my lips before and even makeup wipes take some serious scrubbing to get it off.

My face went from fully done to completely bare in around 15 seconds.

I'm going to quickly add that I'm not naked here, I'm wearing a strapless dress and didn't consider my angle, haha!

Afterwards my skin felt soft and refreshed like I had just done a face mask session.

I have just added this to my shopping list.

My hands felt a little sticky after but a simple wash and they were also left refreshed.

I couldn't detect any smell.

3. Forever Aloe Scrub 

This smells faintly of aloe but generically like every other face scrub which is quite pleasant and not at all overpowering.

I wet my face and applied rubbing in a circular motion until a sort of white almost foam appeared.

The micro-beads, or microspheres as they called them, buffed my skin and I genuinely feel like it has cleaned and cleansed my pores after last night's shenanigans.

Nachos, pulled pork, cheese, guac and salsa accompanied by copious amounts of lager and vodka monster. Heaven.

I have oily skin which I definitely think this product helped to subside and the redness of my spots calmed. Possibly due to the aloe ingredient.

It wasn't messy to apply although I found removing it was easier with a towel or sponge/pad than just with water and my hands.

There was a little residue left after washing it off but I found this to be beneficial as for a long time after I removed the product it was still protecting and conditioning my skin. Kind of like when you condition your hair and have nice silky smoothness for a while after is probably my favourite comparison.

4. Aloe Propolis creme

I applied this 'liberally' to my arms, legs, neck and chest area where I would usually apply lotions.

I have to say that this is my least favourite product. It's not bad, it's just not my preference for skin care products.

I found the creme very thick and dense. When applying it to my skin, it was very tough to spread out and rub in. My arms and legs felt very sticky for a while after as well because it took quite a while to dry.

I had a lot of residue on my hands after and even washing them, they still felt tacky.

The smell was far too strong, very overwhelming and generally not a nice smell. Jamie reckoned it smelled like coconuts but I think it was more like a pet shop.

Once it has settled my skin felt very soft and smooth to the touch although it was still a little tacky.

I think people with dry skin would benefit from this product as it does lock in moisture. I have since recommended it to Jamie to try because he suffers from dry skin but as I suffer from the complete opposite (I have oily skin, which do you think is worse? Oily or dry?) then the product is unfortunately not for me.

It is all round NOT a bad product though. It's all about skin types, unfortunately. 

Upon further research into creams and lotions, I came across this post which confirms what I was saying. Cremes are ideal for dry skin as lotions are droplets of oil mixed in with water and further dehydrate dry skin whereas creams/cremes are droplets of water mixed in with oil and so aid in moisturising skin long term and keeping dry skin at bay. 


Big thank you to Sarah for letting me test these products and semi-curing a hangover. All of these products are great in their own right if you find the right stuff for your skin type. I recommended two of these products to Jamie as he suffers more injuries and from dry skin than I do but loved the other two products because they suited my skin type. It is also definitely worth the money as although the packaging states to 'apply liberally,' a little goes such a long way so these products will last a very long time.

I do suggest purchasing these products and experimenting with them yourselves though!

Have you tested out these products or anything Aloe? What are your thoughts? Comment/link me below or find me on social media! 

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